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there i'll never have to do that again!

i guess i mop about twice a year. is that not enough? i sweep more often than that and i wipe off the table way more often than that and i wipe off the counter almost everyday. i do my dishes regularly and take out the recycling when it begins to overflow and sometimes i take the garbage out although that seems to be a rotating chore even though it's in the kitchen. at least sometimes i come home and the garbage has been emptied and no one gives me any nasty looks like i was supposed to have done it long ago and they just got fed up and did it themselves.

can i just say how much easier it is to live with roommates once all of you are over 30 and all your authority issues were worked through long ago? for instance c tells me when it is my turn to scoop the litter and i don't get even a little rush of resentment that someone is telling me what to do. i no longer confuse housemates with mothers.

this is a liberating thing.

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