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the prozac was supposed to treat this

i'm getting out of hand.

see the list will be ordered according to how i will pack things. thus i not only will have a comprehensive account of all i need but i will know exactly where to put each thing according to its order and frequency of use.

for instance since it might be raining sunday night i will put my rain gear in the top of my backpack so it can be the very first thing i take out.

there will be a bag of groceries so i don't need to arrange food really so long as it is all in one place.

i'm taking one change of city clothes and two changes of camping clothes. i'm not sure how to order these as i will be camping and then staying in a hotel and then camping and then staying in a hotel and then camping and then staying in a hotel. so really i need a city bag and a camping bag. that won't work however as i am taking two bags but one is for clothes and one is for hiking so i can't really segregate the clothes.

the problem you see is that i will have a rental car in which to strew my stuff willy-nilly but if i do that i will have a mess to clean up once i get home and it will be hard enough to find parking much less to haul all my garbage back into the house. so if i keep everything under control from the beginning coming home won't be so painful.

again it strikes me that if i could put my room on wheels i'd be happy.

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