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haven't done a lick of work all week. you working stiffs needn't worry. this will all come back to haunt me eventually.

there is no danger that i will do any work tomorrow either as the preparations for the trip go into high gear. they say there is a storm brewing out in the pacific so probably i am going to want to do most of my running around tomorrow before it starts raining. saturday i pick up the car and sunday i leave so i will have saturday afternoon to pick up loose ends.

lest you wonder how i became allergic to rain let me remind you that in seattle the water only barely falls out of the sky whereas here it pours.

tomorrow i want to make some tapes for the purpose of singing while driving. this will necessitate my moving two piles of books to dog only knows where so that i can set up the four track. yes i record my mix tapes on the four track as otherwise i have only a cheap boom box cassette recorder which pretty much makes tapes that sound like they have already been played a hundred times.

am still very excited about my espresso bean idea. what i don't know is exactly how big a thing of them i should buy. how many espresso beans equals two and a half mugs of coffee?

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