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car and driver

i am driving a red chevy cavalier. it is not as bad as i thought it would be when i looked at the key tag -- the cavalier is actually reasonably small. of course all cars pretty much look alike these days so size and color were the only variables.

i just know i'm going to get a speeding ticket on I-5 tomorrow. pass one single vehicle in a small red car and you get pulled over. the last time the cop tried to convince me that i was going 90 but i wasn't buying. he ended up writing the ticket for 82 in a 75 zone which is about as petty as you can get. i think when he saw from my license that i wasn't really 18 he decided i probably was going about as fast as i had said i was.

the stereo has a cd player instead of a cassette player so making that omd tape last night was futile. if i had a cd burner i would burn a few cds. i could commandeer c's computer to do that but i don't know where she is or when she is coming back and whether she would want me in her room on her computer all day. probably not.

i guess i will just have to pick and choose entire albums to take along. so much for my Here Is Your Life mix tapes. my cd wallet only holds 12. i wonder if i should run down to office depot and get a bigger one. i could drive but if i did that i would have to give up my parking space which took me 20 minutes of circling and circling to find. it's four blocks away because all the parking near my house is either metered or otherwise timed unless you have a neighborhood permit. which sucks of course because i live here and should be able to park near my house.

this is why i do not have a car.

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