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hi everyone. i'm in the 29 palms public library because after three days' camping in the desert i had to come into town to take a shower and do some laundry as i have been sleeping in almost every article of clothing i brought because it has been literally freezing at night.

but winter camping rocks. when i get back i will transcribe the travelogue that i have scribbled by flashlight in my tent in the howling wind. at the moment other patrons are waiting for the computers so i can't go off on an extended narrative.

it rained today. since this is the desert this is news. it might rain tomorrow. i have one more night booked in the hotel and then i am on my own -- either i will camp tomorrow night if the weather is reasonable or i will try to find a hotel near palm springs that is reasonable. something tells me i will have more luck with the weather.

if the city has not washed away i will be back in it in four days. see you all then.

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