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i am alone in the house until monday. c is at the mla in new york and s is still in seattle and i have come back to tend the plants and animals in my turn.

but so what shall i do? play music really really loud? throw a party? turn on all the lights and leave the faucets running? not do my dishes?

really the thing i am most excited about is having the livingroom to myself on saturday and sunday. i must get back to work and i hate reading in my room when someone else is watching tv out there but i don't feel i have the right to request that the tv be turned off.

otherwise what. oh i can sing to myself. if you read my travelogue you know that my voice is shifting in exciting new ways. i don't think i can hit all the notes in wuthering heights yet but i could at least try without embarrassment. or without much embarrassment. there's still the neighbors.

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