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momentary poverty

there are things i must do today. mostly things i neglected to do yesterday like get jackson's rx refilled and return the dvds i rented the other day. they are a day late.

oh yeah and then there's that library book i must owe thousands on by now. the san francisco public library does that old-fashioned fine thing.

i will have to wait to pay them till after i get paid or i get my student loans. whichever comes first. i can never remember if we get paid on the first of january for our work in the latter half of the month or if we have to wait till february. if we have to wait till february some creditors are going to have to wait till the student loans are dispersed here in a week or two. at the moment i am destitute.

i do have credit of course but the taqueria doesn't take credit cards and neither does my landlord. i could buy groceries on credit but i swore i'd never do that.

hello beans and rice.

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