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cash poor

i just charged entirely too many cds. i have to stop this nonsense.

i told myself it was my birthday present which means no more birthday presents on the actual birthday. but i want shoes!

the goods:

the microphones - the glow pt 2 (a k records band i'd never heard of until i downloaded "the moon" last night and really liked it. so far the cd is a little quieter than i anticipated but it reminds me of neutral milk hotel on codiene.)

love battery - dayglo (it was there. i remembered liking a song on it. it was cheap.)

tom waits - alice & blood money (i hear they are both good. i couldn't choose.)

built to spill - keep it like a secret (see lisagail? i do pay attention to what you say.)

klaus nomi - eclipsed (because i tragically left my only klaus nomi cd in the rental car stereo. this is not the same album but has many of the same songs.)

david bowie - lodger (this and station to station are the two i lust for the most after low and scary monsters which i already have.)

wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot (listened to a couple of clips online and seemed like a good risk. will report back.)

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