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people on the east coast may be waking up about now. or at least those who work in our convenience stores and donut shops are up.

it is 4:30 and i haven't been to bed yet. i wanted to stretch that last beer night out for as long as possible. i had a roaring new years eve talking to about three people online and scanning photos from joshua tree. it took me 4 hours to scan 21 photos. i don't know if that is fast or slow but it was tedious and engaging at the same time.

it may be that i need an editor: the first time looking at the prints i wasn't that impressed with myself but once i started scanning i found myself liking more and more of the results. probably there are some i could have left out.

oh but i'm not done yet. three rolls down and one to go.

tomorrow or that is later today i will geek out a little over my new webhosted account but first i must watch the cougars win the rose bowl. i know it is heresy for a UW alumnus to root for WSU but someone from washington has to win.

i'm going to bed now. i predict i'm going to wake up around 8am really confused that it is light out.

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