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in a bizarre twist, i woke up at 6.45 and could not go back to sleep. yesterday i had to drag myself out of bed after 12 hours; this morning i hop out after 7-1/2.

it remains to be seen whether i will be able to function but so far mild grogginess is the only side effect of getting up so early.

i was going in to school this morning anyway so i only lost an hour. must try to catch the graduate financial aid office at a time when they are actually open which apparently happens every third thursday as long as it is a full moon. last week i went and the door was closed and locked and there was a sign saying they were closed, a sign listing hours according to which they should have been open, and no hint as to what these alternate hours they were keeping might be. so who knows.

i need money dammit.

first though i need more coffee.

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