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in need of a plan

goodness me! answering all the birthday greetings has kept me busy this morning!

i don't feel any older. this is not to say that i don't feel old.

i've decided to take the day off. yes i was considering doing work today but realized that would just be dumb. so instead i'm going to.. well i don't know. there is room on my credit cards still so i could go shopping.

or i could sit here and learn excel. yes i would consider that a leisure activity. i'm a geek.

i could continue updating my website and figure out how best to present the photographs that i can now upload because i have so much space with aplus webhosting.

i could read a nonacademic book. is there such a thing? one of the prime symptoms of graduate studenthood is that everything you read becomes relevant to your project. i haven't finished that book of vintage peanuts strips yet though and i don't think i could construe a postmodern ethics from that.

in any case i think i am going to drink coffee all day. nothing says celebration like a 12 hour caffeine jag.

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