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cat and mouse

jackson likes to sit on my monitor with his tail hanging down over the screen. if i need to get to something under his tail and i so much as move it a centimeter he gets very annoyed with me and starts chewing on the various speaker and computer wires running from place to place behind my desk. he knows i don't want him to do that.

this is the one way in which he is quite smart but he is still meek enough that if i poke him a few times and say 'no chewing on the wires!' he will stop. and glare at me. 'you never let me have any fun!'

it's a little game we play where he gets to be 'bad' for a minute. he is never bad so i think the game gives him a momentary giddy sense of rebellion which he otherwise never experiences.

fortunately for all of us he has never figured out that he is big and strong and capable of wreaking much harm on whomever or whatever he might wish.

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