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i have a blister on my left birdie finger from playing my guitar last night. i think hearing about all my friends making music has gotten to me. that and seeing 24-Hour Party People and buying cds by young bands i'd never heard before.

i even found a nook in my room -- which is all nook, really -- to put my guitar in so that i don't have to go to great lengths to drag it out every time i want to play. so now maybe i'll play more often. and because my room has nothing but small spaces in it i don't even need a guitar stand to keep the thing from falling over. it is propped between one of the two-by-fours which hold my bed up and a shelving unit. which is good as there is no place where a guitar stand would fit.

now i must put the empty but gargantuan bass-sized case back in its corner behind the bookshelves, which will take a fair amount of moving of other objects and then putting them back. it is all quite complicated. for now the case is in the hall because there is no other place for it in here. no housemate has complained yet but this part of the hall i have pretty much taken over with overflow anyway so they are used to things appearing out there for long stretches.

anyway i seem to have remembered how to play mostly although i'm a little slow on the fretboard. i'm telling myself there is no pressure to write great songs immediately. for now i am just loosening up. i did however recreate the chord progression for drunken boat which i had forgotten last time i tried it. which means that i will want to recreate the drum pattern at some point and i have no idea how i will do that since i made it up quite by accident the first time.

some time ago i downloaded a bunch of tabs and chord charts from so i leafed through them last night and found many to be accurate enough but some to be simply wrong. it was gratifying to be able to correct them. i might not be able to sing all that well anymore but i guess i can still hear.

but so i guess i'm going to have to wait for the blister to go down before i can play again.

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