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i am starting to get nervous about teaching. or rather i am starting to get more nervous about teaching. our first class is in one week and although i think i have plenty of time still to get ready and although this year more of my faculties are online than have been for about five years, i can't shake the memories of laboriously preparing for class and then feeling like i had nothing to say.

i have lots to say about this material. the hard part will be choosing what not to say and what to emphasize in order to help them write. do you know i have no idea really how to teach writing? they don't tell us how. they just expect us somehow to convey to our students something of how we do what we do.

for me this would consist of saying get up and drink lots of coffee and then read until you are bursting with things to say and then go to your computer and type madly.

somehow i don't think that will help the ones who don't know what a thesis sentence is.

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