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gentlemen's shoes

i got up early to do laundry.


then i'm going to shower and put on my best thick socks and go looking at shoes. i wear my best thick socks when i go shoe hunting because my feet were already relatively small for my height when i was female and now that i am male they are freakishly small so i wear thick socks in order that: people won't gawk when i take my shoes off to try on a pair; and i can ask for a men's size 7 with some credibility.

in actuality size 7s are a little big but that is what the thick socks are for as well. if i ever have to put on a suit i don't know what i'm going to do for shoes and socks. i mean one can't wear one's thick wool hiking socks with a suit i imagine. i suppose there is always the old paper-in-the-toe trick but that can be uncomfortable.

i shouldn't complain. at least i can wear a 7 without them flopping around. if my feet were any smaller i'd have to buy boys' shoes and if that were the case i think i would do all my shoe shopping online. it's just embarrassing to be a 5'9" man looking for boys' shoes.

so i'm hoping not everyone else in the neighborhood got up early to do laundry. the one thing about laundromats that stresses me out is never knowing if there will be enough empty machines when i get there. i don't know why this stresses me out. it's not as though i couldn't either wait until machines are emptied or go to another laundromat as there are two or more on every block.

day off today.

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