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while oversleeping this morning -- and this afternoon -- i dreamt that i was oversleeping. this was annoying in that i kept waking myself up to make sure i wasn't really sleeping through class or missing the bus. as soon as i realized it was sunday and there were no deadlines i was blowing by staying in bed, i would go back to sleep and dream some other oversleeping scenario.

this i think because i do have some work to do today to prepare for class tomorrow but really i must keep things in perspective and not come up with three times more stuff than i will have time to say on monday.

and i have to find a way to do my own work. my reading group meets wednesday and i have six chapters of deleuze to read before then but i don't think i will succeed in that.

in between working and working i thought i might watch the superbowl. sleeping till 12:30 has dictated that i probably won't actually have time. go raiders. may they win without my help.

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