Erik (eriktrips) wrote,


well the coffee never really hit. o tease of caffeine.

free time. nothing but free time ahead and the coffee not hitting.

let's hear a little about trains. ok. trains. sleeping on the train is at once difficult and easy. difficult if like me you travel alone and in coach most of the time for you never know who might wind up sitting next to you. i once sat next to a 14 year old boy who spent several hours telling me how sexy britney spears is and how he hoped the train would wreck so he could put off his returning to ohio and school a bit longer. he also expressed his wish to be sitting next to a pretty girl instead of me so he could accidentally allow his head to drop to her shoulder in the middle of the night. we played games. he had a baggie with those kinds of games made out of golf tees and various little wooden boards with holes in them so you could play for instance tic tac toe by sticking your color golf tee in the hole in the desired square.

sleeping on the train is easy because of the sound and motion.

the train is perpetually in between places unlike airplanes which can keep you waiting in them on the ground for as long as you will be in the air. the train stops for a moment when it gets to where someone is going just long enough to let them off and let someone else on and then it is away again. destination is nothing to a train as the main thing about a train is not the arrival or the departure but the continual departure and the endlessly deferred arrival. if someone were to throw the switches randomly trains would exemplify perversion but usually the train keeps to the route laid out for it. it does however always leave and almost never get there which is in its own way perverse. the passengers on the train are also almost always perverse in some way since they are not flying and everybody would rather fly except for these people you find on a train. they all have a reason for not flying and are thus righteous in their rebellion.

i say all this because i am leaving on a train soon.

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