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my favorite beer i think is still pete's wicked ale although it has been about two years since i drank any as none of the corner liquor stores around here (and there are lots of corners and hence lots of stores) carry it. the dive up the street pours speakeasy's prohibition ale which is a close second. when drinking at home i usually pick up a six pack of red tail ale or full sail.

all brewed on the west coast yay.

i don't see how anyone could not like beer. that wonderful fizziness that makes you burp. that warm feeling you get after your first couple of sips. in many ways beer is like coffee in that the first bottle or cup is the best and all that comes after is an attempt to recapture that first bottle or cup. if i could live over and over again the first 15 minutes after awakening (i have a coffee maker that makes coffee automatically at whatever time you wish so the coffee is always ready when you wake up -- oh modern life!) if i could live over and over again the first 15 minutes after awakening i would be happy.

so really what my life boils down to is if only i could be on a train forever living between 9 and 9:15am. although on the train i wake up early so then it would be more like 6:30 to 6:45am. this is what my heaven would consist of. screw the streets of gold bullshit.

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