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more bad news

is the world in its saturn return or something? what the hell is going on?

when i was little i thought NASA was god. well not god but certainly as infallible as god. the moon landing was at once miraculous and a matter of course. i figured we'd be on mars by now if not farther.

at the time manifest destiny didn't really trouble me very much. well actually that is not quite right either as i always cheered for the indians in cowboy and indian movies as i knew instinctively that they were getting screwed.

but of course we were only going to the moon with the noblest of intentions. the soviet union didn't mean much to me then. this much is true.

now the space program seems a tragicomedy of errors, just like the rest of human endeavor. i only hope that in our zeal to lash out at the fates for this one we don't decimate another country.

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