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i decided on doing the dishes and then treating myself to an evening cup of coffee.

now i have this great desire to say something but i have absolutely nothing to say.

perhaps a meticulous narrative of my week will suffice.

on saturday i spent my free time worrying about when my free time would be over.

on sunday i felt guilty all day.

on monday i ate the last of my cereal so i had to go buy more before tuesday morning.

on tuesday i did not watch buffy for approximately the 12th time this season.

on wednesday i bored my students half to death and myself even more so.

on thursday the cat would not let me get out of bed so i obligingly stayed there for an extra two hours.

today i carpooled.

oh and last friday afternoon i saw far from heaven and found it to be most relevant in spite of what the san francisco critics were saying and i think their problem is that they've been in san francisco too long and have forgotten that there are still many many places in the western world where men kissing men is shocking or worse.

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