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at play

you hear sometimes that bands are glad they have inspired kids but i wonder if interpol would like to know that they have inspired a 41 year old man.

so far i have two guitar lines, one made up entirely of very basic chords but in an odd sequence that i rather like.

i also have some drum tracks but none of the guitar lines quite go with any of them so i guess i have a handful of nascent songs.

and i have blisters on my fingers again. see i started using really heavy gauge strings back in my futile quest to get my strat to sound like a les paul and the strings you see tear my fingers up.

not to mention they made the guitar even more difficult to play than it was before. we kind of have to wrestle.

i wonder sometimes why i don't just buy a les paul either with the student loans or the absurd credit limits my credit cards keep giving me. i'm 41. i deserve a les paul.

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