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beginning of the week or end of the week?

sunday night always feels like sunday night even if you spent your day doing things that you would also do on any given tuesday. i don't know if it's that there are fewer people on the streets or that the simpsons is on at 7 instead of 6 but there is no mistaking sunday night for any other night. it's not that i am really dreading monday but there is a vague uneasiness that settles in around this time every sunday night as though there were some kind of reckoning imminent.

this even though no one is expecting homework out of me tomorrow and i don't have to show up somewhere at 7:30am and give someone my time to do with as they wish and i don't even have to go and lead a roomful of reticent students in a discussion that none of us really want to be participating in. tomorrow in fact will look a lot like today except i have my walk tomorrow and there will be more people on the streets.

so i don't know what it is about sunday.

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