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yesterday i discovered that i can prepare an entirely adequate lecture in the two or three hours before class. thus today i feel free to do my own work but of course what i really want to do is laundry.

i mean i don't really want to do laundry but it needs doing and it would at least be a productive excuse not to work.

but i also need to work and i could do laundry tomorrow afternoon after class when i have already planned not to work.

i suppose i could ease myself into working by finishing that Jean Stafford western that i started months ago although it really could wait until i'm writing the western chapter of my dissertation whereas Barrett Watten's dissertation on The Making of Americans is what i should be reading here right before i go to work on my prospectus.

because it's looking like i will be writing primarily on two Levinas volumes, one and a half Deleuze volumes, Stein's Making of Americans, Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage, and Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian.

this means i should read some secondary literature on the Stein and the McCarthy. i've read a bit about Grey. and i'm not sure i care what the secondary literature says about Levinas and Deleuze although perhaps i should because perhaps someone has already said the things i want to say. however i am fairly certain without even looking that no one has said what i'm going to say about frontier ethics.

i suppose then i should just go on and say it.

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