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i can't even think of a title for this

i was going to do laundry this afternoon but with surprisingly little difficulty i talked myself out of it on the way home as i did not want to put off any longer than necessary the gratification of having nothing to do.

here then i sit.

i am either tired or need to eat because now i can't think of anything and having nothing to do is no fun if you can't think of anything. i have tried to think for instance of doing some songwriting but my thoughts get no further than picking up my guitar when they run out of energy.

i have also thought of reading the books i received from powell's today but i seem to be having some difficulty just reading the print on my computer screen and it occurs to me that i did not sleep well last night or that is i did not fall asleep very quickly and i got up very early today and perhaps this is why i am finding it difficult to think of anything right now.

maybe a nap. maybe i should think of a nap.

oh that sounds like a good idea.

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