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planning for buyer's remorse

i might buy a laptop today.

i was going to wait until july when the surgery loan will be paid off and just take out a computer loan but i'm thinking i will put it on the credit card and then see about making large payments for awhile starting now instead of later.

see i'm going to buy the thing anyway and the interest rate on a loan isn't that much better than the one on my credit card so why wait. don't you think?

anyway i am trying to decide if i want to be reasonable and get an ibook or unreasonable and go for a G4 powerbook. the difference is about $600 which could buy me things like digital cameras and new printers.

both have dvd/cd-rw drives which are my minimum requirement for a new machine. the ibook is 800MHz and the G4 867MHz.

i'm thinking i will go to the computer store and play with each and see if the ibook is fast enough.


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