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i even had pizza for breakfast

yes i've been up for hours playing with my toys. you know the printer that came with this thing is still in the box. i don't know if i will even get around to setting it up this weekend.

question for you X users that i could probably find the answer to elsewhere but why not start here: somewhere in some article i was only paying a minimum of attention to because at the time OS X was not yet on my horizon, i read something to the effect that you really should keep all your applications in the proper applications folders and your documents in your documents folder in your home directory etc rather than making your own folders wherever with your own funky names which is of course the sort of thing i do but what i am wondering is whether it matters if i make those folders with the funky names within the applications and documents folders. this would serve the purpose not only of allowing me to make my hard drive as quirky as i but also of satisfying my aversion to piling things higgildy-piggildy in one folder with no organization.

off to figure out file sharing. i know next to nothing about networking through a dsl/ethernet router but it would be nice to have a pipe between laptop and desktop. i'm sure it can be done.

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