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regularly scheduled programming

am loading laptop with internet software even though probably i will be using it mostly for word processing when i am away from home. but i plan on figuring out how to plug it into the ethernet at school as well as how to take advantage of the airport networks that apparently also exist there and as the salesguy said at starbucks.

i've begun to organize my applications folder. the printer is still in the box. i haven't found an apple menu dealy yet but haven't looked all that hard. i keep getting sidetracked: a link to macorchard appeared somewhere in my wanderings and i thought 'irc client' and spent some time perusing the offerings. i'm thinking snak might be the one.

this is emblematic of my day. i kept telling myself i would get dressed/go to the bathroom/get something to eat as soon as the current task was finished and then regaining consciousness an hour and several tasks later having not budged from my chair.

gosh this is fun.

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