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style maybe. or rhythm.

whether to say anything at all. well one must say and so in the saying there must be something ameliorative of both the unbearableness of the untowardness of the unstated and the unbearableness of the systematicity of the stated.

i mean i don't know why there must be and i don't mean to imply that it follows from the imperative to say that saying must be of some good but simply that there is nowhere else to look so this is where i am looking.

at the same time like i said saying itself betrays something of the unstated that is brings it to account as it were at the court of saying itself and the implied order of syntax itself. but what in saying does not cleave to the order? well of course there are the varied interpretations of what is said that cannot be controlled but what within the saying itself apart from subsequent interpretations is renegade from the linearity it itself imposes?

i don't have the answer to that question only a strong suspicion that some answer could be made.

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