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so far today looks better than yesterday. yesterday i don't know exactly what it was although i have a few suspicions but by the end of the day i was certain that my laptop would be taken away because i would run out of money before august and i was certain that nothing i said to my students yesterday morning was of any value to them and that my lecture was disorganized and pointless and i was certain that the powers that grant such things were going to tell me i deserved no funding next year because my prospectus is past due and i am obviously a lazy fraud.

i came home and had tea and went to bed. really the only problem was that i was very tired.

today though the enormity of things is less weighing and in fact i am actually happy about the fact that i don't have to teach again till the end of the month. my TA takes the class over for three weeks and then spring break happens so i have almost four weeks off. yay! my own work will thank me.

but no work today. computer messing around with and then hair cutting and then walk. and then maybe guitar but i think i have to buy multitracking software soon. anyone out there have any recommendations between Cubase and Deck/Peak? am leaning toward the latter as it is the only one to say explicitly that it will work with my machine's existing hardware. i would hate to plonk down the $ for Cubase only to find out that i needed a better sound input card. besides this things to consider are the fact that i have only one piece of midi equipment and that i probably won't need midi to do the things i need to do with it. other than the drum machine i will be recording real guitar, bass, and voice.

yes i'm going to sing! i figure if i am writing my own vocals i can guarantee myself that all the songs will be within my range.

so. besides write prospectus, other things to do this month include:
finish song
write another song
write another song
learn dreamweaver and fireworks
learn OS X thoroughly
learn unix enough to be geeky about OS X
learn html 4. i've been writing everything in 3.2.
learn a little javascript

surely i can do all this and vacation in seattle for a week!

oh and i have to grade 20 papers before monday. bleh.

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