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no more loafing

ok today i really have to get back to work. i don't know yet how many papers i will try to grade. i hate grading papers, in case i've never said that before.

other things i have to do include writing a statement, or editing the one i already have, for the departmental block grant application, and turning my cv into a resume for the university of phoenix online who inexplicably have asked for a resume and not a cv in order to consider me for an online teaching job.

i also have to fill out an application to teach in rhetoric next year. this is a yearly ritual which is quite simple except that i always have to reconstruct my teaching history and i have been here so long and it is all such a blur that it comes out different everytime i do it. but they could look it up if they were really concerned about accuracy. i think they just want to make sure i haven't reached the teaching limit yet. i have a few more semesters' worth i hope.

did i mention i have papers to grade? i am trying to figure out if i can put it off another day. i have until 11am monday morning, or, if i chose to make them wait until wednesday (and i can because i am the instructor and therefore the boss), sometime on tuesday before i leave town.

there is stuff i could read today too. there is always stuff i could read.

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