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no discernable thesis

i just reached over and patted my guitar.

haven't done that in awhile. the one thing kind of bumming me out about the impending vacation is that i can't really work on my song. well i am bringing the sound files with me and the software which will shut down in 10 days but unless someone wants to loan me a bass and some quiet time in which to play it i think that part is going to have to wait until i get back and actually purchase the software.

but other than that. tomorrow night i get on the train! see you all wednesday night or early thursday morning!

i still haven't graded all the papers. i only have two left but i ran out of time this afternoon and had to stop. i have a plan for getting them all back to school without my having to go there tomorrow so it will not be a huge deal to finish them but tomorrow i have a shitload of things to do including taking the cats to the vet for their annual checkup (wasn't flippy just there??) and shots. then i must do laundry although i'm sure if i brought a bunch of dirty socks up lisagail would let me wash them at her house but it isn't the best etiquette to do your laundry immediately upon arriving.

see usually i spend three days to get all the things i need together -- the miniature deodorants and toothpastes and the paper and pencils because you know deodorant and toothpaste and paper and pencils are not available in seattle. it also takes me a few days to make lists of things i must remember to bring along. every few hours i think of a new essential item and wonder how i could have overlooked it on the first pass but this time i've just started my list this evening which means i will remember the last essential item somewhere around portland on wednesday.

i should check the weather. i mean i know it is going to be chilly and rainy but the difference between 32F and 42F is an entire layer of clothing that i will or will not have to pack. i'm bringing one change of clothes and wearing the other one so hopefully one pair of black jeans and one pair of blue with two tshirts and two flannel shirts to mix and match will be sufficient for all occasions i find myself party to while i am there.

i've been up since 7. i'm tired but am feeling the allure of time off so want to stay up. i can see i will be nodding off to computer solitaire very soon.

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