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slumming it

i'm in this yuppie hotel. we all remember yuppies. i guess really it's a dot-com hotel since yuppies are like so 80s.

anyway it is full of cheap luxurious touches like fake gold-gilded frames around the mirrors and a million pillow shams on the bed. there are video games to order on the tv and an ethernet connection that costs only 9.95 a day but instead i have plugged my computer into the phone and am using the hopefully free dialup numbers from my dsl isp.

i feel completely out of place here. it fairly screams expense account which i have despaired of ever actually having.

i hid my wallet chain while checking in. but i was treated well even in my tshirt and flannel and work boots. this time of year they are probably just happy to have someone in the room even if they are paying as little as i am.

but i have to say that sitting here in a hotel with my laptop is making me feel unduly grown up.

i am going to be sixty before i realize i am an adult. is this common?

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