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i may be the only person i know who never watches the oscars. it's not that i don't like movies. i do, but they always require a time commitment i'm rarely prepared to make and so i have to really really want to see one in order for me to give up an afternoon or evening to see it. as a consequence i don't see many movies and thus am far from schooled in the relative merits of each of the nominees.

of the movies i did see this year, i liked Far From Heaven and The Lord of the Rings. beyond that i have no criticism to offer. as usual most of the films i saw this year weren't from this year and so it doesn't count that i saw and liked Donnie Darko, All That Heaven Allows, and Unforgiven. and no one cares that my favorite movie of all time that i watched a couple of times this year is The 400 Blows.

i think i even watched Athens Inside/Out again this year. i looked for a copy of Urgh! A Music War but could not find it. i played Hype! for myself a few weeks ago and was astounded at how badly some of those Seattle bands sucked. somehow i hadn't noticed the first time around.

anyway today i bought cubase and toast at an academic discount. they will be delivered to me at some point in the near future. deck worked just fine for me but cubase gets better reviews and was $100 cheaper. now i will have to write songs to justify the expense. i haven't learned dreamweaver and fireworks yet and i am not up to speed on html 4. i was going to do these things this month in between writing my prospectus which i have also not done yet but this week i'm going to give it my best shot. all three. and i will stay up all night learning the unix base of OS X.

i remember the days where i could only whip up enough desire to stare out of the window for hours wondering how i would fill the time until bed. i could be the prozac poster boy.

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