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it is time to go back to work but i must say i am a little distracted. although i think i can work out some of my uncertainties about war in my prospectus i don't know where i can do the same in teaching and i have to think again about teaching very soon. i need to get caught up on the class message board and i need to read the articles they read last week and i need to think about where the class is going as the semester ages. i mean it doesn't really have to go anywhere: it is about comparative reading and writing and not necessarily about any particular subject but i must at least stop to consider whether we have been teaching reading at the expense of writing for instance or if there is a reason why the freshmen have been fleeing one by one.

today i will post next week's reading assignments. it may be that Levinas comes at a particularly relevant moment. "Peace and Proximity" is the name of the essay. so perhaps wartime anxieties will find a space in which to speak.

the rest can wait. i must decide whether to open my prospectus by justifying my obsessive use of the first person or starting right in on why a non-individualist ethics is urgently needed in american theory. that long thing i posted yesterday afternoon might worm its way into my intro in some form. what i think i have to do is find a balance between political engagement and intellectual abstraction and what might appear at first to be self-indulgent solipsism. because one thing i wish to do is explain -- or, better, demonstrate -- why solipsism is not necessarily solipsistic.

ok. first the daily solitaire ritual.

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