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i answer surveys at a couple of websites for a chance to win money. i've never won any money but i've liked taking surveys since i was a little kid.

this morning i get a survey about a night on the town. how much money do you spend on a night on the town. where would you go if you had $2500 for a night on the town. etcetera. i answered all the questions to the best of my ability wondering what the hell is a night on the town when my idea of a good time is a burrito at Taqueria Can Cun and a beer at my local dive. do you know how many burritos i could get for $2500?

they asked where i would take a date for a night on the town in San Francisco and i couldn't think of anyplace besides the Fillmore if someone good were playing so i put that. truth be told i'd take a date to Taqueria Can Cun and then for a beer at my local dive.

they didn't ask what my usual bedtime was. if they had they would have understood why 'night on the town' confuses me.

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