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for some reason i have both computers running. there is no good explanation for this other than i like how the laptop keyboard feels while typing but the firewire camera is plugged into the desktop and i insist on broadcasting my picture to the world even though i think there is only one person out there who ever looks at it.

i'm sure i am just sucking up the electricity. i feel so american. i must find a way to work on only one machine at a time except for those times when i actually need both machines on such as when i am transferring files or when i am running software on one and reading the manual for the software on the other.

i could plug the camera into the laptop but that would require messing around with drivers and stuff and i shouldn't be doing that today. besides plugging it in would result in one more thing i have to unplug before i can actually move the laptop around and i only got it so that i could move it around.

the really ridiculous thing is that i can't even let the desktop go to sleep when i have the camera on because if it sleeps while EvoCam (which i call EvilCam) is running bad things such as funky screen redraws or full-on system freezes happen when i try to wake it up.

if is this the lifestyle GWBush thinks god wants americans to lead then i think i have to turn one of these off.

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