Erik (eriktrips) wrote,


see this is the problem today today i tried to remember something and couldn't. it's like this line from the music i am listening to right this minute it says beauty remains in the impossibilities of the body. and i don't remember what that means because beauty and the body no longer know each other in my experience or beauty no longer knows my body or my body no longer remembers beauty.

there is perfume coming through my window. which is odd as my window does not give out onto the sidewalk but the courtyard where as far as i can tell there is no one. but there is perfume coming through my window and i wonder what it was like to touch perfume to bodily welcome perfume. i cannot throw myself into it as i once did or as i fantasize that i once did as sometimes i wonder if things were really so much better then or just different from the way they are now.

but there is perfume coming through my window and i cannot quite touch it.

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