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to labor or not to labor

i've been trying to decide since last night at around 7pm whether or not to take today off. if i do take today off i could

read computer books: because i don't own enough of them yet i subscribed to o'reilly's online bookshelf where you read all you can (well, up to five books at a time, which is plenty for me since i am supposed to be doing other things) for $10 a month. must be careful to unsubscribe before i've reached the point where i could have paid for the books.

find that greentrials cd already

work on my song although the boneheads i ordered cubase from didn't actually have it in stock and now it is backordered and who knows when i'll get it. i think it might be time to call around and see who has it.

go through my magazines to see which i can recycle and which to keep for nostalgia's sake, dismantle the magazine rack, find a way to get to ikea for shelves, erect the shelves, clear the 100 books off desk. (this is a whole weekend project. i think it will have to wait till the prospectus is done.)

rent dvds of ben and willard and watch them on my laptop dvd player.

take long walk. i will do this anyway.

if i don't take today off then i must sit and read until time to walk but the thing is i foresee nothing but a week full of work ahead starting as soon as tomorrow so i'm thinking a day off today might be good preventive medicine.

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