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housemate c does this thing where she calls her cat by wandering around the house shaking a pounce can. must point out that if she insists on doing this at 9am on Saturdays she should at least put a pot of coffee on. finally i sat up and shooed flippy off my bed. "go see your person!"

got up and fretted about writing and then quit fretting and wrote. as is typical i have written the same amount of pages that everyone else writes but am only about 2/3 of the way done. my dissertation is going to be fucking 300 pages long.

not that i care about concision anymore. but each of those pages represents a certain amount of blood sweat and tears and if i could bring things in at the recommended length i would save myself a great deal of bodily fluids. and it would cut down on agonizing time: were i anyone else i would be done by now and could sit back and put together the bibliography (they want you to list every work you are going to consult for your dissertation but of course that is impossible so i guess i'll just list almost everything i've ever read about any of the authors and issues at hand. gee i wonder if this will be tedious..).

but no. tomorrow i think i have to prepare for teaching on monday and then on tuesday i will write some more and then on wednesday i will teach and then on thursday i will write some but i also am reading in public for the first time ever thursday evening which has me a little nervous. again up there without a guitar to protect me. eek.

then friday i teach and by this time the prospectus should be finished and i don't know just when i'm going to have time actually to do the bibliography. although since i am hurrying on this to satisfy the fellowship committee that i have been working this year perhaps they won't insist on a complete bibliography and i can put that together later for my dissertation committee to look at.

i need a beer.

need. need i tell you.

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