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ok i read a little about the dock and found out how to view folder hierarchies from it so i spent some time arranging aliases on it just so. we'll see if it can do the job of the apple menu and the launcher and the process dock and the trashcan. really it is remarkable that they combined all these things into one thing but right off the bat i'd say it looks a little busy.

also there are only three choices of where to put it and no choice at all for color and transparency so in the aesthetics department drag thing still has it beat but i am intrigued by the multifunctionality; whether elegance has violently won over complexity remains to be seen.

while browsing the apple site i ran across a link to launch bar. i paid for it immediately because i saw immediately that it is indispensable. now i just have to remember it is there so i can stop clicking around for stuff.

should go learn unix now. the week is almost over.

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