May 22nd, 2001



tuesday. in about an hour and a half the tuesday noon siren will go off. i always take it as a reproach: here it is tuesday already at noon already and what have you done with your life? today i plan on being in the laundromat when the tuesday noon siren goes off. i will be doing something necessary and constructive. besides which i have about a million -- ok. fifteen. -- things that i have to do between today and tomorrow evening when my train leaves so i must get started on something soon.

my housemate spent the night in a tent in death valley last night if everything on her roadtrip is going according to schedule. if you knew her you would understand just what a strange thing it is that she is doing. she is doing it for a girl she likes a lot. love is something. i told her to beware of rattlesnakes and intense heat. she said stop you're scaring me!

they took lots of water. they'll be fine.
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    the sage i recorded yesterday