May 25th, 2001



auditorium and i have switched places. restless dwellers of the west are we.

the train was chronically late as always. when i went to sleep around midnight we were in california and when i woke up at seven we were still in california and that is when i knew it would be a long trip. not that it isn't always a long trip. it is always a long trip.

i made the mistake of burying my pen pencil and notebook deep in my backpack so i couldn't really get at it for the duration which meant that when i felt like writing i couldn't quite. at one point i felt a little like dancing and i couldn't quite do that either although i suppose it might have been entertaining for the other passengers. it is difficult to restrict yourself to a seat and a long moving corridor for 24 hours. invariably i get the urge to run up and down the aisle but as i am nearly a 40 year old man i resist and content myself with watching the small children doing what i wish i were doing.

in a minute i am going to get fully dressed and hike up to the burrito place. the burritos here aren't nearly as good as they are in the mission which is the neighborhood and not an actual mission where i live although there is an actual mission in the mission no one lives in the mission but thousands live in the mission. the burritos are very good there. they are not so good here but they are edible and soon i am going to eat one because there is no milk in this house where i am right now so i can't have cereal and milk so i am going to skip directly to lunch which after all makes sense as it is afternoon now. as usual i slept until noon without really meaning to.
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