June 16th, 2001


absent or not entirely present

so i've been working like a fiend this week sticking to my schedule and doing something nearly every moment to get myself ready for my exams which are looming ever larger at the end of next fall. yes it takes months to study for these things besides which i have to take a german translation exam and write a paper on kant to take care of an incomplete before the exams proper can happen.

there are a couple of things i want to write here but i don't have time this morning either as i must hop in the shower and then dash out to the cliffhouse to meet some people i don't really know who hang out on the newsgroup alt.support.depression. it is always interesting getting together with geeky depressoids and seeing how their social skills hold up in flesh to flesh meeting type situations. lots of times we sit and look at each other for long periods.

but so maybe tomorrow i will tell you about what i am considering putting on a medalert bracelet for myself and then continue on with the drawing lines/saying i monologue that i started last week.

or maybe i will go shopping.
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