June 24th, 2001



i have been remiss. but today is not the day to sit online all day as i seem to have committed myself to going to a birthday party on the beach for C's brother P. C assures me we will only stay for an hour or two which is good because i'm not feeling particularly social and i won't even know anyone there except for C and P.

so in preparation i am drinking coffee and in a minute will shower.

i'm ignoring pride. this will be my first year here that i haven't marched with ftm international but i just didn't feel like it. it is so easy to become jaded about these things in san francisco and no doubt once i get my phd i will find a job in buttfuck nowhere and suddenly activism will become a necessity again.

but just this year i am going to be apathetic dammit!

ok i have to get ready to go now.
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well the birthday party wasn't so bad. all the guests were sorta dorky so i didn't feel like the only dork there. plus it was in a house near the beach rather than out in public at the beach so there was a private bathroom and everything which was a great relief. you all know how i feel about bathrooms.

i went dressed completely wrong. i can dress for the forest but i never dress appropriately for the ocean. something about exposing skin that just doesn't come naturally.
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