June 26th, 2001


everything all the time

in talking to L yesterday about my studies i realized that i keep starting books before i'm finished with what i was reading before and at this rate i will be in the middle of about fifty books by fall. i guess this is better than not reading them at all. will it matter if i don't know how anything ends?

yesterday i went to drop off some paperwork at the financial aid office and the silly thing was closed. they only open for half a day in the summertime! so i had the choice of coming back at a different time on a different day or leaving my yes please give me 13,000 dollars form in a drop box. somehow a drop box seems of precarious security when we are talking about so much money but i took a deep breath and deposited it. i hope i hope i hope someone responsible picked it up this morning.

in a minute i have to review as much german grammar as i can swallow in one sitting. really i would like to have the whole language down pat by this afternoon but i don't think that will happen.

today is shot day. on shot day i spend all day thinking about my shot and putting it off until i finally say to myself oh for heaven's sake just take the damned thing already. each time i wonder if i will find the spot on my leg that doesn't hurt at all or the spot that hurts like a mofo. they are right next to each other and i don't always hit the right one. i should get a circle tattooed around the nonhurting spot.
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