July 7th, 2001



mmmmmm. cofffeeeee. there's really nothing quite like it, is there? i have been drinking it for almost twenty years now and it has never done me wrong. can't say that about everything i drink.

coffee is what gets me out of bed in the morning. this morning i thought to myself i have to get up and read l'etranger oh joy. oh wait! i get coffee first! yay!! it used to be that the only way i could motivate myself to go to work was by thinking of the coffee maker waiting there for me.

some time ago i wrote a little poem about coffee and its self medicating potential. coffee is promise sometimes overstated but always a comfort to believe in if only for the first fifteen minutes of the day.

i have to go pour another cup now.
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sometimes beer (wow. "sometimes" looks really funny. like it should be pronounced som-eh-teems. language is so weird.) sometimes beer or alcohol in general but i tend only to drink beer so sometimes beer.

sometimes beer muffles the voices that i call voices although they aren't even close to being voices anymore they once were but now they are more like bothersome occurances as in these bothersome ideas that occur to me.

sometimes beer muffles them these bothersome occurances (my bottle is empty. should i go get another?). sometimes beer muffles them.

sometimes it does not.

sometimes these bothersome occurances get louder and sometimes they populate my head like an unwelcome party bulging with belligerent guests.

can we talk? can we talk about something? can we talk about something sacred to some and laughable to others and bothersomely occuring to me?

wait. this might have to wait.
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