July 20th, 2001



today i took the day off and my big accomplishment for the day was doing the dishes which had piled up since the housemates left and as one of them is i think due back today (where is she?) i thought i should tidy up the kitchen a little which also involved taking out the recycling.

and that was it. i have the use of the other housemate's car but did not feel like driving today (!). instead i moped around the house feeling fuzzy and tired as though going to bed at one and getting up at ten were not enough sleep. sheesh.

i must figure out how to make better use of my time off although i know the essence of time off is that you don't have to make any use of it at all but what i mean is i need to figure out how to have fun when i am not working. i spent all day thinking no i don't really feel like doing that and no i don't feel like doing that either and well if i do that then i won't be able to do this other thing. so i did nothing.

now that it is evening though i feel more relaxed and may go and draw some lines a little later. i have a line project in mind which is an idea i stole from a cd cover but the idea is repetition of the delineating gesture to see what comes of it. i've drawn lines before it just never entered my mind until now that i could draw many of them instead of just one. lines instead of the line. why didn't i think of it before? it's that damned monotheist background.
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