July 31st, 2001



i stayed up so late last night playing with my practically new computer that i told myself i could sleep in today and possibly do no work and spend another day playing but naturally i woke up at 9! so now i have to decide whether to work or not. i should read some german no matter what but beyond that i really want to reinstall photoshop and illustrator and put all my old system sounds into the suitcase and check to see what old aliases don't work anymore because i threw out the software or reinstalled it. and then i want to open some huge file in photoshop and manipulate it just to enjoy the new lightning fast speed of it all.

so i could take one day more for my almost vacation and say that starting tomorrow it's buckle down hard for the rest of the summer. the summer is alarmingly close to being over as the semester starts at the end of august but on the other hand nothing will really change for me when school starts since i am not teaching and my coursework is finished. it will mean that i need to start seriously thinking about that kant paper i still haven't written as well as worrying more actively about the german translation exam i have to take midsemester.

but today i think we might just eat drink and be merry.
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