September 1st, 2001


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i keep forgetting where i am. moments ago i placed a fire station just up the street and had it all envisioned when i realized that i was thinking of a street in a city i used to live in and not this one at all. i don't actually know where there are fire stations in this city. oh wait there is that one. ok i know where one fire station is in this city.

it would be easier to keep track of where i lived if i weren't also developing detailed maps of slightly distorted cities in my sleep. the pike/pine corridor figures especially in my nightly adventures as much more steeply inclined than it really is and much more densely populated with dives than it really is. if my dreams were to be believed then pike/pine would be the place where everyone even the most derelict loser could find a place and have a wild time any night of one's choosing. more than that even: derelict losers would be implicitly welcomed into each and every dive lining the arduous way up capitol hill and in fact nightly parties would be organized around such derelict losers' wandering into various establishments.

and then there is the inlet north of san francisco lined by mountainous ridges and subject to boisterous flooding every time the earth shakes a little bit. and of course occasionally san francisco is contiguous with florida. don't ask me why but florida constitutes some sort of southern netherland in my unconscious but one that is available only a few hundred miles away. oddly the maps to florida are often inaccurate and occasionally the highways indicated end in the middle of the ocean.
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rose gardens

i am on an infamous menagerie nostalgia trip. this happens every now and again spontaneously but this time it is because i finally got all the mp3s back up and now i am listening to them and thinking that i should pull out the drum machine and noodle around. of course i am supposed to be studying which just makes it all the more seductive to think about pulling out the drum machine and noodling around.

ah well. for now i will drink beer and listen to toast. i hate your edsel.
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