October 17th, 2001



the other day i realized i am living out my retirement now. see when i am 65 i will only have been in the workforce for maybe 20 years and will still be saving up for a retirement that i might be able to afford around the age of 80 and by that time i will probably be too old and tired to get out to see the world so that is what i am doing now. although i guess one can't really classify repeated trips to seattle and back as getting out to see the world it is still true that i have a certain freedom of movement that i wouldn't have had i a real job.

what i am wondering is if i can keep this going beyond grad school. i have to find a way to induce entities to give me money without my having to frequent an office.
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surgical strike

if i bring one sweatshirt one cold weather jacket one extra pair of jeans one flannel shirt one thermal shirt and a few pairs of warm socks i should be ok and able to bring enough books to keep me busy in the rain.

i might smell a bit after wearing the one thermal shirt for a few days but hey we're all friends!
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